Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider The Essential Buyer's Guide

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider The Essential Buyer’s Guide

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider: The essential buyer’s guide is a must for everyone planning to buy and rebuild any version of the well-known model. It was in production from 1966 ’til 1994 and one of the emblematic model of the brand Alfa Romeo.

This car appeared in the movie ‘The Graduate’ as Dustin Hoffmann’s car and was nicknamed after the movie as Alfa Romeo Graduate on the US market.

The model had 4 generations. The first was the original version called ‘Duetto’ (twoseater in Italian) or ’round-tail’ referring to the oval design of the tail. It was in production only for 3 years and was replaced by the long-lived ‘Coda Tronca’ (means cut-off tail) which also known as ‘Kamm-tail’ based on the designer name who made it. The 3rd generation arrived just in 1982 called ‘Aerodinamica’ referring to the aerodynamic elements as the new front bumper with spoiler underneath and the small rubber wing at the tail. The 4th and last generation stayed in production until 1994 (different sources states that the production had been finished in 1993 but they sold the model as new during 1994 as well). These late models has no nicknames.