This is one of the most professional book ever written about a specific engine. Thousands of Alfa-fans can confirm that its content is well focused on the topic and contains all the relevant information about how to tune up Alfa Romeo’s famous DOHC-engines, called Nord-engine.

The nick name came from the 70s when Alfa opened the second factory near to Neapel producing the Alfasud and its successors with boxer-engines. So the old factory up Nord in Arese (next to Milan) produced the bigger models and the more sophisticated designs. From that time the alloy in-line 4-cylinder engines received the nick name: Nord-engine.

This engine family started its life in the Giuliettas in the mid-50s. Since then it was featured in Giulias and derivates, in Alfettas, Giulietta Nuovas, 90s, 75s. The latest derivates are the 8V TwinSpark engines built in the 155 and 164 models.

This book’s author is Jim Kartalamakis, aka JK from many Alfa related forums, who has a very good reputation among Alfisti.

This book is a must for each and every Alfa-lover who is willing to tune up his much loved baby or just interested in technical details of that famous engines.